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Prepare Chilli Chicken Recipe at Home

Chilli Chicken is a very popular dish in India. It is a mouth watering and delicious recipe across the globe. My family members love this recipe very much. If you are planning to cook this recipe in your kitchen with a great taste, then follow below steps. This is the easiest and simplest way to prepare chilli chicken in your kitchen.

Chilli Chicken Ingredients

  1. 500 grams bone less chicken cut into small cubical pieces.
  2. 1 Egg (optional)
  3. 1 medium size capsicum cut into cubical pieces.
  4. 2/3 green chilli cut into small pieces
  5. 2/3 dry red chilli cut into long thin pieces
  6. 250 gram onion cut into cubical pieces.
  7. 100 gram sliced garlic cloves.
  8. 100 gram sliced spring onion (optional for garnishing)
  9. 100 gram ginger. Cut into thin long pieces
  10. 1 table spoon black paper powder
  11. Refined oil for deep fry
  12. Salt to taste
  13. ½ table spoon Chinese salt (Ajinomoto ) (optional)
  14. 4 table spoon corn flour (corn starch)
  15. 2 table spoon Red Chilli/garlic souse
  16. 1 table spoon Soya souse
  17. 1 table spoon Vinegar
  18. 1 table spoon tomato souse (optional)
  19. Curry leave (optional)
  20. Coriander leave (optional)


  1. Wash chicken and keep 2-3 minutes to remove water from it. Better to use thigh chicken pieces (bone less) for soft chilli chicken.
  2. Add salt to taste, add ½ table spoon chinese salt (Ajinomoto), add  1 table spoon black paper powder, add 4 table spoon corn starch and add one egg with chicken. Marinate the chicken and keep it aside for 20-30 minutes. You can also marinate the chicken up to 2/3 hours for better result.
  3. Take refined oil in a pan and hit it with medium flame.
  4. Fry chicken pieces till golden brown with low flame.
  5. Fry long sliced ginger in the same oil till golden brown and keep it aside.
  6. Then take a small bowl and add 1 table spoon of corn starch with water and keep it aside. This will be use for gravy in later stage.
  7. Now we will prepare chilli chicken gravy, so first take a pan.
  8. Take 1 table spoon oil and hit on the pan with medium flame.
  9. Add red chilli pieces to the oil.
  10. Add sliced garlic cloves into oil
  11. Add curry leaves and fry for 30 seconds.
  12. Then add chopped green chilli
  13. Add soya souse.
  14. Add red chilli/garlic souse.
  15. Add vinegar.
  16. Add one cup of water.
  17. Give it a nice boil with medium flame.
  18. Then add fried chicken pieces.
  19. Add capsicum pieces. You can add different color of capsicum for better looks and garnishing.
  20. Add onion pieces into the chicken.
  21. Add fried ginger into it.
  22. Add (Sprinkle)  1 or 2 table spoon of mixed corn starch water and fry for 2-3 minutes more.

Then take your chilli chicken on a plate and add spring onion and sliced coriander leaves for garnishing.

Try this chilli chicken recipe in your kitchen and enjoy cooking at your home.